Kenneth Berentzen

Discover the mysteries of the universe, and how to elevate yourself to great heights. Live the life you truly came to this planet for. Be the best version you can be. I am Working with Golden Ray Knowledge & Sanctuary to deliver secrets of how to live in harmony with yourself and everything around you, for an amazing experience here on earth.

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

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Quirky, weird and different compared to anything I've seen and it was something I never would have expected! Keep it coming! I appreciate your creativity and expression. It is a reminder for me to not take it so seriously all the time.


After the first time I used Ken's breathing meditation, my body was filled with electric energy, at the same time I was in a calm and loving state. I use this meditation as often as I can for rising my energy level, decreasing stress, sharpening of focus and for empowerment.