10 Tips How To Live A Spiritual Life

September 11


10 Tips How To Live A Spiritual Life

A good friend of mine asked me to make a video about this so here we go. In this video I talk about my 10 Tips How To Live A Spiritual Life. It´ hard to make a list like this since everyone is so different. Sometimes we do some things and sometimes we forget altogether depending on what we are going through. No matter where we are in our spiritual journey there are a few things we can do no matter what, that will guarantee to work for us. My hope is that this is somewhat of a timeless list, but who knows things seems to always change. Here are my top ten tips.

10 Tips How To Live A Spiritual Life

1. Be authentic and honest.

Whatever you have on the inside get´s reflected back to you, so be sure you are as authentic as you can and speak your mind from a loving space.

2. Honor your feelings

Your feelings have much more information in then than we might think, they can reveal deep healing and save us from many unnecessary steps if we just remember to listen and follow.

3. Plan to do something that makes you happy every day

Whatever your schedule, always do something that gives back to you every day, even if it´s just having a few minutes on a bench staring at the flowers or a little meditation. Whatever floats your boat as long as you get energized and it fills up your own cup.

4. Breathe

Breathing is such an essential tool to alter our state, it has such big healing qualities. Deep breath and deep out breath can energies and release tension. You can download a free meditation that guides you through my special secret on how I reset when I really need to hit that reset button.

5. Exercise & eat well

Moving your body and eating well is also an essential thing. Research what your body likes and thrives on. I like to say also remember to distinguish between what tasks good from the neck up and what is good from the neck down. Our test buds can want some things that are not good for us, but feel what your body wants.

6. Remember that you are creating everything in your life

You are the creator of this experience even it might not seem like it sometimes. Everything you think creates your future so make sure that you watch what mental things you put in your brain. Your favorite TV show might not be as good for you as you might think, it might create drama in your psyche that again creates similar experiences in your life. So make sure you watch things that makes you feel good, good books and audio tapes are ways I have programmed myself with a positive attitude in the past. Now a days I mostly read ACIM and listen to audio books and shows about spiritual content.

7. Trust in your inner guide

The most important thing you can probably ever do is develop a true connection with your inner guide. This can look different for different people. For some it might just be to listen to your feelings, for some they might develop an inner dialogue that are more loving than the normal chatter, or it might be following spiritual guidance in the form of synchronicity that can happen when you are in a positive flow.

8. Do things that makes you a bit uncomfortable

It´s important to develop a habit of doing things that we are expanding our comfort zone. If we are always comfortable we don’t grow. The best is to be close to the edge where you can feel you are positively challenged, but not too far on the edge where you are too scared and will never do it again. There is a fine line, but developing this will keep you expanding and miracles will happen.

9. Learn true forgiveness

True forgiveness is the kind of forgiveness that releases your karmic tie to another person so that you can release the past. This is also probably one of the most important thing you can ever learn. Using true forgiveness is something I have learned and are continuing to learn through A Course In Miracles (ACIM). I would recommend this book to everyone that are interested and serious about spiritual progress.

10. Remember to have fun!

I put this at the end as it´s important to remember that regardless of what spiritual things you learn or not to never take things too seriously. Your way might be good for you but not for other. As long as you are having fun it´s all good! Joy and happiness is probably very close to love so if you are vibrating in this frequency then you are doing absolutely something good, keep it up!

Do you have anything to add? What’s your favorite spiritual thing to do? Please share. 🙂


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