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Best version of A Course In Miracles to study


There are a few different versions out there. In this article we will go through exactly what you need to know about the different version

What is A Course In Miracles

If you are not aware of what A Course In Miracles is, then I will give you a short description. A Course In Miracles is a book Channeled by Dr. Helen Schucman. The spirit that was dictating the book to Helen was Jesus. There can be some speculation weather or not this is true, but the book and the affects you achieve while studying it speaks for itself. There are many people reported numerous shifts in consciousness and spiritual experiences after and during reading this incredible text.

How to study A Course In Miracles for beginners

There are a few different ones out there and they all seem to want to be the best one. The latest Complete and Annotated Edition mentioned that there are sections that are left out of the Combined Volume released in 2008 by Foundation for Inner Peace.

Here are the different versions

First of all I would like to mention that there are only a few books of A Course In Miracles that is worth mentioning here. I will not go through any versions that was motivated by the book like A Course In Miracles Made Easy, A Return To Love or anything similar. They are companions to the book but can never replace the study of this original material channeled through Helen.

Foundation For Inner Peace

ACIM Foundations For Inner Peace

I am mentioning this version first because it is the most popular one. This version has been through a few editing rounds, this is the 3rd version released in 2008. The first few edits where punctuation’s, and the later years Kenneth Wapnick did some better organizing of the chapter headings and punctuation’s. We later discovered that there is some sections of Helens private life that was removed from the final official version.

A Course In Miracles Society

Since the first and original version has some small modifications, there where some different opinions about the rightness of the editing and reorganization of the headings, this is how this version came about. This text is taken from the Urtext that was published after the written notes from Helen. Some prefer this version because they feel it is closer to how the author intended it to be.

Circle Of Atonement

This is the latest version that got released in 2017 based on Helens Schucman original handwritten notes. They have attempted to keep the integrity of the original text the best possible. They also have done a better job at editing the text. Another very interesting add-on with this version is that it contains some of Helen’s private conversations including some sexual energy discussions.

A Course In Miracles Urtext

Another version worth mentioning is the Urtext version of the text that came from Helens Handwritten notes. this a freely available version. You can download the versions below

A Course In Miracles Urtext Free Download

To download all the PDF mentioned below just fill in the form and we will email you everything.


Main unedited book of A Course in Miracles, study text main version.


Lessons for each day for a year, do one lesson each day for a year.


Teachers Manual with explination of how to continue the work.


Special personal Channeled messages to the Channeler(Helen) from Jesus.

The Best Version

I’m sure you get a better picture of what you would like to chose now. But I would like to mention that regardless of what of these versions you choose, the main message is still there and you are working with the correct text. The message is not distorted in any way to stop the message and the effect coming through.

With all that, obviously you have to listen to your own guidance of what version you are mostly drawn to. But if I where to choose one of them I would choose the Circle Of Atonement version just because it seems to me to be most content from the original transmission. If you want to read more about the different versions from the Circle Of Atonement point of view please have a look at
How the ACIM Complete & Annotated edition was made.



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