Experience after i finished 365 days of A Course In Miracles lessons

October 20


Experience after i finished 365 days of A Course In Miracles lessons

In this video I am explaining my experience after 365 Days ACIM Lessons finished. My first initial experiences doing the Lessons over a year and some important insights so far in my progress.

First experience with scattered thoughts

I have always thought I was a feeling person, and I am to some extent, but something happened the first couple of months after starting doing the course Lessons. Just after a few months of saying the mantras that you say every day and doing as the lessons explains, I was starting to experience a flood of random thoughts. Very chaotic and almost being bombarded with different scattered thoughts. At first I blamed the Course and projected that it was doing it to me. But after further learning I understood that the thought had always been there creating by default without my knowledge. The Course only opened up the possibility for me to actually be aware of them. So that was an important learning for me.

Experience after i finished 365 days of A Course In Miracles lessons

So what is my learning after this process. I am still getting triggered, that has not changed except that when I get triggered there is more space, almost like I am more distant from the upsetting feelings. Now I can choose to do something else. It is easier for me to make a different choice. Compared to before I would be triggered and the feeling of upset would be so overwhelming that it would take over my experience. So doing the course only for that has been amazing and it shows you what focusing your mind can do.

When I first started I always wanted to know how to do the Hawaiian practice of Hoʻoponopono, and I feel that there is very strong similarities with ACIM and this practice. I feel like A Course in Miracles is giving you the correct mindset for doing forgiveness, how to look at the world so that you can have forgiving eyes.

I am also talking about my experience that the Course have given me a better thought structure. Also how thought structures that makes us feel good is the way to go. It does not really matter if they are “True”. What is truth anyway other than something some authority figure have passed down to us that we now belie in and have accepted. The Course have gotten me to question certain beliefs that I have about certain things, and when you do that and change your mind about them you feel happier. An for me that makes all the difference in the world, at least my world 🙂

What is Hoʻoponopono?

Just in case you have not hered of the practice of Hoʻoponopono. It is very similar to ACIM as it is using the same functionalities and core thought structure to do forgiveness. To learn more about the practice of Hoʻoponopono with Dr Hew Len. A very interesting video interview. I believe this is a very practical example of what studying A Course In Miracles can do for people.


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  • HI Ken

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts after finishing the course lessons. It’s a great accomplishment even though you will
    Most likely begin them again! I am not quite through but getting there…at lesson 326. Sometimes have to do them over again.

    Becoming aware of what I am thinking has been one of many gifts given me through these lessons also. It’s amazing what random “crap” our minds come up with. Who knew! Every little thing is a thought that will manefest somewhere.

    I appreciate your thoughts and am honored to be in this group and traveling this path together as teachers and students for each other!

    I have yet to tackle the text! I’ve tried….whew…it’s tough!
    I am greatful for the Channeled material in Tina’s books!


    • Hi Denise, thanks for your comments, I think you are right, I will absolutely do them again, just need some reflection time to see changes. I have to mention that the text is challenging, but the more you read it the more you start to understand. In the start I did not understand much of the course, I thought I was being brainwashed! Although it is true, I can see now and understand that it´s a good type of brain washing that has incredible effects in the world! 🙂 Just take it slow, no rush.

  • Dear Ken, I resonated with every insight you mentioned. I, too, recently realized that I operate out of my mind almost exclusively. It was a shock because I always thought I operated out of my heart. I have been on lesson 355 for months. I am so close to finishing the lessons although I’m only 2/3rds of the way through the text. I can see my resistance more clearly now and although I am still resisting at times at least I am aware of it. That’s a step. Also, I can see some of my patterns of behavior are totally bizarre and extremely outdated. Time to release them with tenderness and thanks. Shame when they first come up but once I express gratitude for the opportunity to learn they seem to lose their sting and there is just curiosity. Peeling the onion… Thank you for this sharing video. It is encouraging. God bless you, Tina and Jen.
    ❤️ Phoebe

    • Thanks Phoebe, really appreciate your comment. I also can see behaviors that come back in different situations. Thanks for reminding me to be grateful to have the opportunity to clear, that´s something I don´t always get into seeing in the midst of things, I usually just ask for my perception to change, and it usually always does, might take some time almost like spirit have a vacuum cleaner on in my brain cleaning up old patterns 🙂

  • Hi Kenneth, thanks for introducing me to ho oponopono. Watching that interview
    drives home to me that forgiveness practice has to be done all the time, not just when i feel like it. That is what Tina has taught me acim to do properly is full time.

    Cheers Russell

  • Hi Ken, Thanks for sharing. The Ho’oppononoppononopotumus 😉 (However it’s spelled) is something that crosses my path sometimes. I will have to look into it sometime. So glad you are having such a great experience with ACIM, I can see a difference in you since I joined A year of Forgiveness (or is it the change in me – wink wink) XOX

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