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I have been using this method for years. It is simple, profound and effective. It is a guided emotional breathing technique, which is super powerful at connecting you back to your centre, shifting thoughts patterns and supporting your body's natural healing abilities. I'm giving away a free mp3 and pdf explaining how this all works, all you need to do is add your email below.

Peace and Zen from
Ken ♥

​After the first time I used Ken's breathing meditation, my body was filled with electric energy, at the same time I was in a calm and loving state. I use this ​meditation as often as I can for rising my energy level, decreasing stress, sharpening of focus and for empowerment.


Quirky, weird and different compared to anything I've seen and it was something I never would have expected! Keep it coming! I appreciate your creativity and expression. It is a reminder for me to not take it so seriously all the time.


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