Healing power of horses – My personal story

August 21


Healing power of horses – My personal story

This time I talk about that nice experience I had healing with horses. This is the way healing with horses can transform your life.

Healing power of horses

This time I talk about that nice experience I had healing with horses. I would never thought that actually I would talk about horses, I’ve never really understood horses. Horses to me was just like another animal. Jini Patel Thompson from Listen To Your Horse is the owner of these horses and they’re completely wild, so they’ve not been trained. She’s actually calling or her two horses Sensei a which is quite funny. So basically you go up to a horse, and you go through the initial face of getting past some of the first fear about getting closer to these big animals. Jini told me to to connect to to the heavens and the Earth energetically and swirling it around your heart center and sending it out to the horse.

My personal story

What was started happening was that I started sending love to the horse, like it just stream out of me, I just love this horse for some reason. I just felt like wow what a beautiful horse and I got into a space of appreciation for the horse. I was just surrendering to the complete process, the horse where testing some of my boundaries, but since I was streaming love the horse got a bit funny and suddenly walked off very comfortable. This is what I think the horses are trying to teach us, to be in a state of love and appreciation all the time.

So there was one time that I came to the horses and I I’ve been into this kind of competitive energy and the horses starting nipping at my jacket. I got quite startled, since it´s a big horse. But then I realized that it’s the same kind of energy it´s reflecting back to you. And That’s what they are doing all the time, they are just reflecting the same energy you are emitting out.

I also started doing this with people. There was this one person that we were having a bit of combative energy between us, and when I started to send love and got into a place of appreciation. After that the entire relationship changed before my eyes, the person started to react very loving back towards me, and we didn’t even share a word.

This is the way healing with horses can transform your life, it’s quite fantastic really. Whatever you have going on you will get a different lesson from the horses. It´s changed my mind on how I look at horses.


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