How EFT can be used with ACIM

November 28


How EFT can be used with ACIM

Just finished the ACIM Workbook! How EFT can be used with ACIM video was recorded when I just finished the Wordbook of A Course In Miracles and I got triggered. During that trigger I got to the issue and once I did some tapping whilst handing this over to be released I received a massive healing from spirit.


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  • Hi Ken
    Thanks for this beautiful expression. I got triggered the first time I completed the workbook because I judged myself as a failure. I hadn’t had all of the experiences that the book said I would have if I was doing it properly and I knew that I hadn’t been as diligent as perhaps I could have been.I had had SOME experiences but they didn’t seem to me to be the kind the text described. Probably they were but I didn’t recognise them as such. I guess I didn’t appreciate them enough because I don’t seem to be having any ‘paranormal’ experiences lately. I’m just trying to survive being in this world. So, but yeah, the more I read the text, the manual, the lessons and the more I try to apply the principles in the very ‘real’ seeming incarnation I’m having, the better things seem to go. I also took a break at the ‘end’ of the Course, last Christmas (yes, it was really the beginning!). Then I got into it again on New Year’s Day and was pretty diligent during my vacation. It’s a lot harder to be so when you’re back working and other stressors come to bear. But the thing is, if you’re doing the Course, it helps more than anything else we used to try to cope beforehand. What happens with me is, I start to notice a significant shift after some effort and then things are fairly cool for a while. Then another challenge comes along and I admit to feeling a tad angry my previous efforts were not enough to deal with it! I know it sounds insane but that’s what happens. So, all along the way, we have to be challenged with something new that we are now able to handle, like new bits and bytes of information can now slot into the picture to grow the software into something more user-friendly? Lotsa love. 🙂 Helene

    • Hi Helene, thank you for this message. I totally agree that it can be hard journey, but I guess the only thing that is hard is if we are looking at things that should be different. It sounds like you are doing great progress to me so keep going 🙂 As far as the paranormal; I have had some experiences but not due to doing the Course. My experiences was carrots put in front of me by spirit to get me to pay attention and move in a certain direction. But I think The Course helps us to clarify and align our minds so that the every day miracles happen. And that can be as simple as just feeling joy, I have started seeing that as the miracle 🙂 Totally agree we have to update our Software, hehe! Much Love Helene! Keep up the good work 🙂

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