December 5

How to be a conscious man in the digital age


How do you become conscious and stay conscious in the digital age where so many distractions are around. How to soft through and find your passion and purpose is what this video is all about.

How to be a conscious man in the digital age

Wherever you are in life as a man, there is challenges. It can be easy to chaise women and satisfy your lust with pornography. Or stay hours on end on Netflix or on social media getting your next dopamine hit.

Distractions and challenges

There is so many distractions from social media, TV, parents, grandparents, girl friends.. the list goes on and on. And we get influenced by all these sources from generations back. We get thought how to be in subtle ways which is not so apparent when you are younger. But it tends to creep in if you get into roles as the worker, the boyfriend, the father.. etc.. There are so many expectations as a man. We are meant to be the provider, nurturing, sweet, and tough in different situations. We want to live up to all these expectations, but in the process we are drowning. Often in these situations it is easy to turn to drugs, alcohol, pornography and other addictions. With all these expectations and roles how do we as men do our mission on this earth. How do we get into our deep purpose in life? How do we out what our true heart wants? And how do we stay true to that consistently?

Get in touch with your body

One of the gateways to access your passion and get into what you actually want is to get into your body. This can be done in many different ways. Through any kind of exercise, yoga, breath work, meditation or any kind of focus technique that will get you out of your thinking head and into your body and feelings. There is a reason why exercise feels so good. It’s because you are cleaning energy from other people out through breathing and using your body. This is very powerful on many levels. Specially to get into what is your own energy.

Find yourself

This might sound corny, but in order to cut out the crap and figure out for yourself what is real and valuable. How to find what is draining your energy and what is giving you energy, it is important to take some kind of time-out for yourself. I do this regularly, even now. Getting some space to yourself and only yourself is so important because no one will do this for you. You are the only one that can take this time for yourself. This can be things like, Vipassana, regular meditation, going on mountain tracks, shaman trips, self care seminars, travels alone, or any other activity where you are free from distractions and you are forced to look inwards to yourself and learn more about who you are and how you operate. How to transcend your own egocentric ways of thinking to a broader and more inclusive way of thinking that will benefit not only you but everyone in your experience.

Your purpose

Every man will benefit of finding out what he is burning for and wants to live for. If you are not sure why you are here and what your purpose is then I would highly recommend that this will be your one question you will ask yourself until you find out. Actually finding your purpose can be hard or easy depending on your level of understanding where you are in your life. I would recommend more deeper introspections like Vipassana or Ayahuasca or other modalities where you dive deep in your own psychology to find out what you are here for and what you are burning for.

Be integral to your values

When you find out what your values and purpose is, be diligent to not be swayed by the fluctuations of the world. There are going to be temptations and distractions, the question if how deep are you routed in your deepest desires and your purpose in life.

If you have any questions on how to heal as a man please let me know in the comments below and I will make sure to cover more in upcoming videos and articles.


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