September 3

How to do a Crystal Moon Water Ritual


Why doing a Crystal Moon Water Ritual is a Good Idea

Making Moon water is making use of your intention and energetics to super charge water. This has a very good effect on your body when ingested. Your cells respond to subtile energies. Doing this practice will change you from the inside out. Be prepared for vibrational change!

Adding Crystal to Water – The ritual

  1. Hold the crystal in your right hand
  2. Say: “I want you to open up your energy channels in your body (then breathe)”
  3. Say: “I want to draw upon the ancient energy of the Old World Pangaea” –
    Pull the energy now into your right hand to charge the crystals.
  4. Say: I want you to bring the energy into the crystal.
  5. Say: Open your channels to love and bring people in your life that fully support you, nurture you and love you unconditionally.
  6. Say: I want you to bring stability of your purpose and anchoring that into your being.
  7. Say: I want you to clear all your blockages financially.
  8. Say: I want you to open up your channeling ability and the ability to hear your loving guides and teachers clearly.
  9. Say whatever else you want to clear or introduce to your life.
  10. The put crystal in the water.
  11. Then hold the water and feel love. Think of a puppy, girlfriend, your first love or any other experience that produced love and joy in your being.
  12. Put the glass in the window where the moon can shine on it during the full moon.


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