How to get a better sex life as a man

December 15


How to get a better sex life as a man

How to be a man in these times can be confusing with so many demands on us of being a certain way. Most of this comes from unhealthy views of how and what a man is. In this article and video, I will explain one way to get a better sex life as a man, in connection to your partner. 

The Beast

The Beast archetype is a powerful conqueror that will do anything to get what he wants. The unhealthy version of this energy will do this by being inconsiderate of other people to get what he wants, by any means necessary. The healthy integrated version of the same energy manifests through a man who is in connection to his heart considering others, while holding a clear purpose of what he wants to experience; not only sexually, but also through his vision and devoted passion.

Unhealthy energy?

The unhealthy version is why most men shy away from this energy because they think if they unleash this energy, it will lead to unhealthy relationship with women and people around them; not knowing the unappealing aspect of this energy is its unhealthy expression.

How to integrate the Beast Energy

One way to integrate the Beast Energy in a healthy way is to let it completely run through the body in a contained way, with people who have already done such integration within themselves, and are trained to facilitate it for others.  

How to get a better sex life as a man

When this energy is holistically integrated, it will lead to an energy within a man that is very attractive to a woman. A man who knows what he wants and where he is going is very attractive. Knowing how to consider and cater to a woman’s heart is a quality that most woman crave, also. If you are interested how this looks with a couple have a look at the article Relationship trouble and How to Heal

Feeling is sexy

When a man is feeling deeply into himself, his body allows him to feel deeply into his woman, also. The more you can feel through your senses, the more embodied you are; the more embodied you are the more present you are, and that is very sexy! 

To learn more about how to embody the beast energy visit the HeartiQ website.


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How to get a better sex life as a man

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