How to lift your mood when you feel down by swimming in the sea

March 4


How to lift your mood when you feel down by swimming in the sea

How to lift your mood when you feel down by swimming in the sea

If you ever feel in a strange mood, low energy or anything really, this tip is the best thing that changes anything I have going on instantly. It might be simple but it´s very effective, specially in the ocean. Swimming is such an instant shift, it cleans your energy body, so anything you have going on it will instantly change as the body’s energy changes.

So why does this work

To understand why this works we have to start looking at body energetic. The body and everything around it is built up by energy. Whatever thoughts you think is affecting this energy stream. Different situations and people will have an affect on your energy field. So if you are going about your day you can pick up different energetic patterns that can disrupt your normal energy flow. This is nothing you need to worry about, because you can also think your way into a perfect energy flow. This does take some practice though.

Picking up energy

Your body is like a flower in soil. The flower blooms when it is in a soil that is supportive and have the right nutrition. If your surroundings are not nurturing it will have some affect on your energy system. The most ideal place energetically is actually the forest. That is why you feel so good when you are out in nature, because the energy balance is so good for us. So if your surroundings are arguing parents, bad environments, WiFi or cellphone signal there will be some disturbance in your body’s energy field.

Re-balancing your energy body

The good news is that all you need to do is have a shower to clear away these disturbances. It does not even need to be in the sea for a light cleanse. For a more heavier cleanse I would recommend the sea water, specially a little bit cold too. What this does is that it really puts your energy aura in a deep cleanse instantly. The energy of the water is more harmonizing than the shower, because of all the life that is in the sea.

What to do when this doesn’t shift my mood

There are cases where this will simply not do it. This can be when you are going through some major internal shifts or some of your core needs are not being met. If this is the case, you have to look closer into what is happening. Your body is an amazing device and emotions hold so much information to what is going on. Sometimes it is a good idea to find a good friend you can talk to or a therapist to share what you are dealing with. They might be able to help you identify the thoughts and emotions and help you shift things to a more positive outlook. It is really all about perspective. Some perspectives can shift any negative mood or emotion to a positive one.


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