January 14

How to make a paper origami merkaba


Sometimes I feel like doing something creative, and I have thought about making a merkaba for some time now. I thought to show you how I made this using only paper. For those of you that dont know what the merkaba is, I would reffer you to Drunvalo Melchizedek who are one of the people connecting all the sacret geometry. Everything is explained in The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life. Very interesting book.

1. First make an octahedron

Frist make an octahedron, follow along this video.

Video showing you how to make a octahedron

2. Make 8 tetrahedron cubes

Make 8 identical versions of tetrahedron cubes. Follow along this video.

Video how to make a tetrahedron

3. Glue all the tetrahedrons on top of the octahedron

Glue all the tetrahedrons together on top of the octahedron and if you have used the same square paper to build both the octahedron and the tetrahedrons then wowza, you have a merkaba!



sacred geometry

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