How to manifest abundance in your life

August 31


How to manifest abundance in your life

This time I am explaining how you can manifest abundance in your life. First off you have to understand that this is different from manifesting lots of money or a new car. I am attempting to explain the mindset of successful people. In this video we talk about key values you need to practice and how do you think to let the universal energies help you to create and manifest your dreams.

How to manifest abundance in your life

So lets get into it. First off if you have a mindset of manifesting things, that is fine, but what we want is to align your normal thinking so that you don’t have to focus so hard on manifesting things but it happens more organically.

The Law of attraction

To have some backbone I need to talk a bit about the universal law of attraction. What this means is that whatever you have going on energetically inside is going to reflect itself outside. This is huge, and most people don’t understand how pervasive this law is. Most don’t understand that everything is a reflection on the subtle levels. What this means is that your intentions and beliefs are being reflected back to you every single day. So what you keep telling yourself will come back to you. But also practiced thoughts that you have been thinking so much to the point that it is a habit are also sometimes overlooked. So if you have experiences in your life for 10 years that reflect to you that you are awkward in certain situations, just saying some affirmations that you are not is like small waves on the surface of the ocean while the current is driving you to the same experiences.

Give what you want to receive

So what do you think would happen if you started to give of your energy to people of the same thing you would like to receive? If you have experience of the law of attraction you will understand that this will be a very powerful thing to do. But sometimes out habits get away with us, so we need to be reminded. I have to mention here we are talking about the energy of giving for example. If you are giving to get that does not work wither, that energy is a bit distorted. What you would get back then is people that are giving to you in order to get something back, so there is an expectation there. So you actually have to give without thinking or expecting to get anything in return. Another thing to mention is that if you don’t have a habit in doing this you might have to embody and start practice this before you see any results. The reason for this is that your environment reflects what your habits are, so you need to fully embody giving to people. Not only giving of things or money but also of your time and energy.

Abundance of time

Most people are doers, they have so much to do that it sometimes can get overwhelming. So if you can relate to this and you want more free time this is what you do; You have to start taking time for your self. I know it sounds counter intuitive, but here is why this works. The only reason you feel that you have so much to do is that you have practiced doing and feeling overwhelmed with things to do. The universe then are reflecting back to you and you are getting even more things to do. So the change needs top start with you and what you are doing. So if you start practicing for example stopping the minute you feel overwhelmed and do something you love, for example go out for a walk in nature or go for a gym, you will then start reversing the law and start attracting more time doing the things you love. I know this can sounds a bit too good to be true, but you have to start practicing changing your intention and focus to receive another result.


I have only skimmed the surface here, but you can get an idea what you can do to manifest more abundance in your life. Start giving more of what you want to get in return. Abundance is a mindset and a habit that you practice day by day and before you know it people will be amazed on what you can achieve.


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