March 20

How to sprout sunflower seeds to eat in your kitchen


How to sprout sunflower seeds is much easier than it sounds, and Sunflower seeds is my favorite to sprout, because it´s so easy. But why not eat a seed without sprouting it? The main reason of this is energy. Another reason is to look at the food we are buying in the stores that have been manipulated and altered to be able to handle long shipping and storing times before it reaches our shelves. It does not take a scientist to understand that the nutritional value of that food will be decreased. Every hour something is picked from the ground it looses it´s nutritional value before it reaches your stomach. A seed is normally in a dormant stage and you can store a seed for a long time. Once you start sprouting the seed the nutritional value increases by up to 800%. That´s incredible nutrition for our bodies! And you are control of the growth process and can make sure it get´s all the love it needs before consumption. Now let´s get started.

The only thing you really need is a jar and the seed. it you want to get more complicated you can add a cloth or something with a rubber band to keep the seeds inside the jar while air can get in. But in my demonstration I am doing this as easy as it can be done with little effort to show you.

1. Soak the seeds in water for 12h

Take your jar, fill it up 10-20% with seeds. (keep space for they will grow) and add water to cover the seeds. Let is stay and soak like this for about 12 hours. A tip is to do this just before going to bed.     

2. Empty the water, let the seeds air dry

When you get up next morning or about 12 hours later. Empty the water and try to rinse all the thin shells out. Clean it for a few times and get all the water out from the container and let it sit and drip until the evening time.     

3. Wash the seeds with water and let it air dry every morning and evening

Fill with water and clean out every 12 hours, this means just when you get up in the morning and before going to bed. Do this process every day until you see they have grown to the preferred length.     

4. Start eating

I usually start eating these while they are getting bigger sometimes, adding them to food etc. But if your happy with them, you can clean them again and store them in the refrigerator. this will slow down the growth process so that 1 hour sprouting = 1 day sprouting in the fridge.  

They do really look delicious, don´t you agree?


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  • i think the “control aspect” – sending love to our food until growing is one of the most underrated ever. this is where the real power is in “power-food”! never tried sunflower-seeds this way but now i will. thank you! 🙂

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