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How to study A Course In Miracles for beginners


The book ACIM is a comprehensive mind training book that is many spiritual leaders corner stone go to book. This video will show you How to get Started with A Course In Miracles. Many also referr to A Course In Miracles as ACIM or “The Course”.

What is A Course In Miracles

If you are not aware of what A Course In Miracles is, then I will give you a short description. A Course In Miracles is a book Channeled by Dr. Helen Schucman. The spirit that was dictating the book to Helen was Jesus. There can be some speculation weather or not this is true, but the book and the affects you achieve while studying it speaks for itself. There are many people reported numerous shifts in consciousness and spiritual experiences after and during reading this incredible text.

How to study A Course In Miracles for beginners:

  1. Get your copy of A Course In Miracles, links below.
  2. Read 1 paragraph from the Workbook for students a day. This will help you to understand the theory.
  3. Start doing 1 Lesson a day from the section of lessons. This is the actual training of focussing the mind.
ACIM – A Course In Miracles

Here you can get hold of ACIM

There are a few versions of A Course In Miracles and in the article Best version of A Course in Miracles to study will help you choose the best one for you.

Some things you might encounter while studying

Judean Cristian lanuage

Some might be put off that the book is written in Judean Christian language, but you will not be disapointed if you keep reading it. It is actually not a Christian book, it has nothing to do with this religion, but it does use the same language. The reason for this is to actually reprogram your mind from all the distorted teachings the christian church have done to our psyche over the years.

Its impossible or hard to understand

It can be very hard to understand A Course In Miracles the very first few months you start to read it. It goes into depth of explaining our relationship to ourselves, GOD and our holy beeing. If you have not hered this before it can be like learning a different language. And in a way that is what it is. The Text is teaching you to comprehend the truth of the reality you are in.


Since I did not understand what it was talking about in the start I thought that it was actually brainwashing me, and I was questioning the validity of the teaching. It was only a fear, I now have studyed this for over several years and I learn the depth of the teachings on deeper levels each time I read it. It is actually brainwashing you though, I have to say that. But it is in a very good way, you actually are reprogramming your mind to seeing through the light of how Jesus was seeing the world.

Jesus was channeling the text

Wether or not you beleave that Jesus actually was channeling this text through Dr. Helen Schucman does not matter. The text and the depth of information is timeless. If you start to study this book you will soon discover that all other books fall short in one way or another. It is really a work of art. You will soon discover that this is so good information that it does not matter who wrote it, but it is out of this world for sure.

You will feel things shifting in your brain

I felt that most time I was reading the book that something would happen in my brain. It was if my pathways where re developed. It feels like a very good thing and I really enjoyed feeling that my mind was shifting for the better.

Things in your normal life shifting for the better

This is the main reason that I recomend this book to everyone. It makes miricles happen in your life and this is why it is called A Course In Miracles. But you can’t know unless you start to commit to a year or more of self study.


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