How Your Body Works And How to Stay Healthy

September 22


How Your Body Works And How to Stay Healthy

Your body is an incredible instrument. If you learn how to harness its incredible power you will understand how to be happy, fulfilled and feel joyful. Before we dive in I want to explain a few basic concepts to help you better understand how this is done.

Vibration and Sound

Sounds is a powerful device that have a strong effect on the human body.

A 5201 HZ tone shapes sand particles in a shape

There has been so much studies about sound and the effects just specific HZ frequencies has on particles. In this case sand rearranges itself into a specific pattern based on the tone in its surroundings. When the tone changes the pattern changes. So there are specific tones and frequencies that are very significant on

Words and Water

The thought you think and the words you say has an influence on water

Water structure of the word “Love”.

A Japanese research scientist, Dr Masaru Emoto, did a very remarkable research on words both spoken and written and water structure. Similar to the shape of sand, he would freeze water after it had been exposed to certain words or surroundings. He found out that certain loving and uplifting words is producing similar beautiful patterns on the water similar to that of the sand but only much more elaborate and complex. Similar hateful words would produce quite unorganised and chaotic structure.

How your body works

Your body consists of 70-80% water. That is almost your entire being. So much of what we are is actually fluid. Being only water you can start to understand why we need to drink a lot of it and why the quality of water is so important to us. When you breathe you pull in energy from the universe into your being that keeps you alive with life force. This again builds up your life force.

Energy Body

Your life force that is running thorough your body has different energy centres that represent different areas of your life. Some ancient teachings like yoga call this chakras. You have the lower chakras that are related to your survival and a sense of belonging, power centre, your ability to love and how you express yourself in the world. Further up you also have your intuition and higher states of consciousness. You can read more about the energy body and energy centres.

How do the cells get energy and stay healthy

The cells in your body get energy depending on certain factors. First of all when you breathe in there is life force energy entering your system and when you breathe out stagnant energy is leaving your system. This life force energy is drawn into your body and is giving your cells life. If you breathe shallow your cells are not receiving enough oxygen and your cells need more energy. If you want to feel how this feels like please sign up to the free breathing course where I explain how to breathe and how to infuse your body with more oxygen to stay healthier and happier.


We have a range of different feelings, joyful, optimistic, positive, depressed, sad, envy, in love. But in general we can sum them up in either good feelings or bad feelings. There are many degrees in between. When you think loving thoughts and are generally happy about life your internal water structure has beautiful geometrical shapes and you can feel this based on your good feeling emotion. Equally when you feel negative or bad you can know that you are entertaining thoughts or ideas that are not having a good effect on your body and your internal water structure will be disordered. A disordered water structure for too long can lead to dis-ease in the body.

I am feeling bad what do I do?

If you are reading this and are feeling bad, know that you are somehow thinking something that is not of benefit to your health. The good news is that you can change your thoughts and ideas and produce a different feeling in the body. Sometimes it’s not so easy to identify what thought is producing the feeling, they can sometimes be so fast and habitual that it’s hard to catch it. But with practice you will be able to do this. A very good practice is doing A Course in Miracles. This is a self study course that will reprogram your mind to think more loving thoughts and will produce more of a harmonious environment in your body. Other things that also will reverse any negative though habits is daily meditation. Learning how to meditate is probably one of the best things you can learn.

Feel Your Feelings

One of the pitfalls is that you might think that it’s better not to feel your feelings and whenever something comes up that feels bad you quickly try to find a happy thought. This is a tricky one, but is one of the easiest things to assume. But on the contrary feelings our feelings and not making what is happening in our bodies wrong is the first stepping stone to really master our own energetic system. Once you can feel it and be curious about it, then you can start to ask questions where this is coming from and what thoughts are connected. Sometimes it’s easy to figure this out, but sometimes it can take some investigation and patient to figure this out.

Treat your feelings like your own children and give them the attention you wish your parents gave you when you where a child.

If you have any comments or if there is any area you feel you want more elaboration on please leave a comment.



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