Light At The End Of The Tunnel

January 20


Light At The End Of The Tunnel

I have been through quite a challenging time the last few years. I was caught in an energy dynamic that I never thought I would be in. This has led to the ending of a 7 year long relationship, which happened in June 2020. That was not an easy transition for me. I felt lost, alone, uninspired, and in real need of support. 

Circle work and ACIM

I moved to a community in New Eden in Netherlands, where I was among other people practicing circle work through HeartiQ. After I realized I needed to step up my internal alignment, I re-started daily practices studying A Course In Miracles every day, in addition to goal-setting every evening. I focused my mind in the best positive way to manifest a positive outcome from where I was.

Diana Ravagli

In October 2019, I met Diana Ravagli and did a very inspiring video interview while I was in Los Angeles for a few days. While dealing with my personal situation, one day I saw that her birthday was coming up (September 25, 2020),  and felt it would be a nice gift to finish the video and post that on my channel. You can watch the finished interview called The Next Step In Human Evolution.

Diana Ravagli

After we reconnected, Diana starting encouraging me toward a more aligned direction, so I decided to purchase personal transformational sessions with her, and dive in. She has been guiding me by using an energetic perspective that prompts my bio-energetic circuitry to function in a way I can fully operate from a place of sovereignty.  There have been moments I resisted some of the things she was showing me, but by letting my guard down to consider her point of view, I started feeling better and much more joyful again. I am so grateful for Diana and for her insightful approach to guide me back on track, through what she calls “a process of illumination through alchemy”.

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

The last few months I have not only done sessions with her, but also started working with her school Golden Ray Knowledge & Sanctuary, and I am experiencing things I find quite hard to explain. Some of the shifts and changes I have undergone are so deep and transformative that I feel I am changing and becoming a totally new person. I have been shedding old beliefs and changing the way I see things, which prompts different behaviour from me, and that creates a new experience. My logical mind sometimes resists this transformation and finds it hard to grasp what is happening, but there is a knowing in me that what we are doing together is very important and feels very significant for me personally, the future of the earth, and for our species. 

It feels like I am in a cocoon, shedding old skin to become a butterfly.

Diana and I have been in meetings almost daily the last few months, and just by listening to her, I have been experiencing shifts and very exciting changes that are fascinating to me. My energy structure feels lighter, I have been feeling a deep alignment with Gaia, my intuition has highly improved, and I feel more connected to my own essence, as Diana calls the higher self.

I’ve been through so many powerful shifts with Diana, and I am amazed by this woman and how she operates. She is constantly bringing through deep transformational material from the non-physical and she can see and sense things most people are unable to see. She says the transformation I am undergoing is one all people who want to stay on this planet must undergo to align with the transformation the planet has gone through and is now integrating.

I have been learning so many new things with Diana about how my own body works that I haven’t heard anyone else explain before, but that feel really refreshing and exciting to work with. To find out more information about how Diana can support your own transformation, visit her website She is also offering a class Total Recall explaining how we create our bodies, how our energy is being intercepted, and how to take the reins back to finally experience life in harmony. The class is now open for registration and premiering on March 20, 2021.

Sharing The Light

I am so grateful to be walking this path with Diana Ravagli. We are working on an exciting new channel to share all the questions I have for this remarkable being, so you can benefit from it, also. If you are interested in finding out more, please go to Lucidity Portal and sign up!


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