My good friend Gaianna Sophia interviews people who share inspirational stories of change, new technologies, consciousness pioneers, & people who are making a practical difference to our future.

I was visiting Salt Spring Island where Gaianna is living and hosting her radio shows where she asked me to join her show. Obviously I said yes as she is a very bubbly and lovely being full of life! We had a lot of fun talking to each other about lots of different topics that is going on in the world today and how we can help shift into a more love based future.

We are talking about:

  • THE PITFALLS OF DAY TO DAY LIVING that keep us from living a fulfilled life
  • How to BECOME AWARE OF DEEPLY SUBCONSCIOUS BELIEF PATTERNS to keep them from dictating our lives
  • How to use personal healing TO EXPAND THE FREEDOM of showing up into the world as we want to be
  • Where THE BEST PLACE TO LIVE is for your soul to blossom 
  • How we can MAKE COURSE CORRECTIONS when we’re not aligned with our Highest Purpose

Any messages or ideas that popped into your head while listening please comment below.


Ken is inspiring people everywhere he goes. He is very good at facilitating group work and healing sessions. Getting clear guidance and directions from his guides and teachers. He is working with authentic spiritual channelers to bring new revolutionary modalities to the planet.

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