This is My ACIM Forgiveness Lesson With A Dog video. I explain a personal forgiveness lesson I had with a dog named Hanz. Very nice dog, but I had some forgiving to do. It might seem odd unless you are familiar with ACIM (A Course In Miracles). If you have not heard about it, maybe you should watch the video A Course In Miracles and why you should read it first that might give you some background. Most my videos are based around those teachings and how to integrate what they are saying into our daily life. So if you are interested in deepening your ACIM practice please do remember to sign up for the newsletter, leave your email and you will get notified of any new videos from me. Also remember to click the “Learn True Forgiveness 10 Page E-Book” to get a short to the point of what forgiveness is and why and how you do it.

This video is from when I was in Salt Spring Island doing lots of inner work. Here I am looking after a dog named Hanz, and he is helping me move past some of my fear around dogs. It´s not a big fear, but a small one I have been very good at hiding. So after a few experiences I started to work through how I did my forgiveness with this. It can sometimes take a while before the lessons feel complete but once they do you will feel a lot better. I hope you enjoy this video and please let me know what you think in the comment section. Did you get any insights after watching the video? Please share.

Kenneth Berentzen

Kenneth Berentzen, has been reasearching many different spiritual modalities with a deep yearning to understand how to shift any situation for the better and live a life of great fullfillment. On this website you will find tools and tips how you can do the same.

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  • Kenneth,

    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on processing forgiveness! I love all that you do ~ you are refreshing! I love that you are so open and willing to share your personal experiences. It helps all who listen. You are an inspiration.

    Just downloaded “Learn True Forgiveness”. Look forward to reading it after today’s channeling.

    Many thanks and great love being sent your way!

    • Thank you Terrill, really appreciate your comment. It helps knowing that people can relate to what I am talking about 🙂 Hope you find the PDF helpful, let me know if anything is hard to understand. 🙂

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