July 22

My experiences after 10 day silent Vipassana retreat


Wowza, what a ride! 10 days of no cell phone, no Internet, no writing, no talking not even eye contact, for some people this means no fun, that is so far from the truth. Don’t get me wrong, it can be a very tough process, but the benefits are so gross. I don’t think most people understand how much you can learn about yourself just by meditation, the right kind of meditation. I’m talking about a real tangible experiencing of what it means to be human. I have to admit that I have, until now, never really understood why people meditate. I understood that it makes you more relaxed and all that, but besides that I didn’t have the proper motivation to continue. I finally have a deeper understanding of the gold that resides in meditation. I’m not saying this is the only thing to it, I can imagine that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

My first experience after 10 days in complete silence

The first time I did vipassana was in the mountains of Chile close to Santiago. Very new to meditation I felt like most of the day’s was about actually being able to sit still for an hour straight without moving. That’s what they build you up to, so the third day they suggest 3 special sittings that you should do the best you can to sit completely still for the entire hour. This is when the magic usually happens, unless you let your ego take over and suggest that it’s impossible, that’s usually the trick of the ego you will have to overcome to reap the rewards. My first experience was when I sat there and felt parts of my body for the n’th time, and having a balance of not wanting anything to be different from what it was, my body started healing. It’s kind of what your body naturally does anyway, when you have got a cut or something, it’s like that but for much bigger things like back realignment. It felt like there was another person pulling strings and muscles back there and nudging them in place.

My second experience of Vipassana for 10 days

My second Vipassana was in UK, 2 years later, I almost forgot about my first experience when I started to happen again, but on much larger scale, my body would twitch and twirl to release any blocks just by me observing them. After my time there I had gone through several hours of “spiritual” back therapy, better than any specialist I have ever been to. My second experience was about to get even more crazier.

At this time I was looking for my passion and purpose in life. I was contemplating that I did not want to do just anything. I wanted to do something that would give me great joy in life while it would bring an income that I could live off. I felt that the answer had to come from me somehow.

My crazy experience

One time I experienced some disturbance and negative feelings after being told off that I was checking that my girlfriend was ok. You are not allowed to do that, but she was going through a tough time so I just was wondering how she was, so I glanced at her to check if she was ok, and she nodded to me. That was enough for someone to notice me and I got told off to the head teacher there. I felt like I was in school again being told off so I got very angry.

But I can be pretty stubborn and don’t listen that easily, so the second time I glanced at her for a split second and looked away without anyone there. But even this got somehow noticed and I got taken again to the head teacher and told off. I went out of the office and felt that it was a trick of the universe or something.

Meeting my inner spirit

After that I realized that something was happening and I said to myself: “why can’t we create something better”. That’s all I said and also laughing a bit of my experience. I walked into the forest where there was a huge opening with trees all around. I went in the middle and stood there for a while.

Suddenly this bird comes diving down heading straight for me, when it was about 5 meters before me it turned 90 degrees and circled around me two times. I had goose bumps like crazy, I almost could not believe what I just saw. The spirits probably figured that out because it happened again, the same thing but only one time this time.

I then realized what was happening, I was so close to my inner guidance that my sentence that I said before coming into the park suddenly manifested. It was so fast I realized that whatever meditation I had done up until that point was bringing me so close to my inner guidance.

Guidance from my inner spirit

I asked the question that I had been wondering for so long. What work would give me the most satisfaction and joy? I almost immediately got lots of flashes of me filming this and that. Filming funny clips, myself, sharing, and having lots of fun with it. This is how I actually started understanding that I had to start playing around with the camera. And at that time I was very nervous being in front of a camera. I had some work to do.

Meditation is so amazing at bringing us back to ourselves. You probably don’t need a Vipassana retreat to get in touch with this, but if you are unsure of your own potential, I would highly recommend you booking your own 10 day retreat. It can be challenging but very worth it!


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