You can spend thousands of pounds in therapy or you can attend one of the many Obstacle Mud Races. Getting out in nature, running in mud, getting electrocuted and swimming in dirty ice cold mud water is not for everybody, but sometimes if our life gets too safe and rule based it´s nice to know that there is places where you can experience the contrast to just how nice and comfy you are sitting in front of your laptop drinking a hot cocoa. Tough Guy is one of the oldest and meanest races in Wolverhampton, although if you are new to obstacle races this might not be for you, this is hard shit. They bombard you with warnings and intimidation about how hard it is, so it is definitely a test of the psyche. But once you are finished you go shivering around looking for a warm place knowing that you will never attend ever again, until the next morning when you only remember the nice contrast you experienced and your body feels like it´s been getting a very nice deep tissue massage. So next race is Viking Race which is the biggest Obstacle Race in Norway! 🙂





Ken is inspiring people everywhere he goes. He is very good at facilitating group work and healing sessions. Getting clear guidance and directions from his guides and teachers. He is working with authentic spiritual channelers to bring new revolutionary modalities to the planet.

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