October 1

The Next Step In Human Evolution


Most people can clearly see that there is something very strange going on in the world. Is there a correlation between what is happening in the world and how we are changing as human beings? This is what the interview with Diana Ravagli is all about.

Our Consciousness is changing

Many scientists have been researching human consciousness in the last couple of years or so.

Hearth Math have been studying the correlation between the heart and the brain, where they have found out that the heart is much more powerful than the brain in electromagnetic frequencies. They have also found out that when the heart and the brain is in sync so to speak the body functions more optimal.

Bruce H. Lipton is studying human development and have many great breakthroughs about the next step in human evolution. One of the things he has studied is the correlation between the observer of an experiment and how that changes the outcome in a science experiment. That is quite remarkable, based on your consciousness you have an effect on the outcome of the experiment you are doing.

Schumann Resonance

Astrologers have measured that we are going into a different frequency rays of the solar system. The schumann resonance is known by many as the heartbeat of the earth. But this is also connected with the frequency of how we as humans resonate in correlation with it. So you can say that as the earth is raising its frequency and we humans will also do the same as we are so connected with the earth.

Human evolution

We are getting more and more aware of things around us. More and more things that we where unaware of is now becoming visible. This is part of the energy increase on the planet. Most channelers of spiritual knowledge is saying the same thing, that we are heading into a new time in our human evolution and that every single person is escalating in frequency and becoming more super human so to speak.

On a very practical level, if you are sensitive you can feel that there is something going on and many of us have been popping so to speak and getting abilities such as being able to pick up the telephone and talk to the dead or other spiritual beings, also known as channeling.

Diana Ravagli

Diana Ravagli have been through this evolution already and are here to help assist other human beings to make the transition easier for them. According to her all of us are going to get extra sensory abilities and will be able to feel and sense more of what is happening in our environment.

She have so much interesting insights about what we are heading into as humans and I could feel that there was something very special about how she perceived things.

Please watch the interview and let me know what you think. Are you going through any similar experiences? Would love to hear about it. If you want to know more about Diana Ravagli please visit her website at Golden Ray Knowledge.


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The Next Step In Human Evolution

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