What a course in miracles forgiveness looks like

May 28


What a course in miracles forgiveness looks like

A Course in Miracles is the most useful book you can study. It really puts everything in the right perspective and it just makes sense across the board. This is how forgiveness can look like.

What ACIM Forgiveness Looks like

This video I am demonstrating how I think from a difficult situation and how I use the principles of ACIM to think myself to a better state.

Steps to changing your state

Changing your state is what A Course In Miracles calls forgiveness. Here are the steps to do forgiveness.

0. You are triggered or having a bad emotion and you are aware of it.

First off usually you start to do forgiveness when you are in a triggered state or you have a negative emotion.

1. Allow your feelings

Allow the bad feelings to be there, love it, give it space to be there. This can sometimes be harder to do than say. But it is something to aim for. Your feelings are there to communicate to you, there are deep insights there to what is happening. If you suppress the feeling you might loos vital insight of the situation.

2. Recognize the truth

Recognize that whatever you are thinking is what is actually producing the bad emotion, weather you are aware of what you are thinking or not. Sometimes you can have a bad emotion and the thoughts happened so fast that you are not sure what was causing the feeling. Recognize that the very fact that you are experiencing a bad emotion there is some thought or perspective that are different from what your inner being or source is thinking.

3. Change your perspective

If you know what you are thinking that is producing the bad emotion, start to release the thought, say to yourself: Maybe there is another way to look at this. If you are having only bad emotion, try to track back to figure out what thought you where thinking just before the bad emotion started. Start to say sentences like: “I release this thought and emotion whatever it is.” “I don’t want this any more.” “I hand this over to my inner being so that I can be free from this.” “I don’t want this any more.” “Help me shift this.”

4. Feel the emotion shift

Whatever you are doing in section above, what you are aiming for is the release of the emotion. Once you have a new perspective you will feel a release and a lifting of emotion in your body. It is a very releasing feeling, very rewarding.

Sometimes with deeper ingrained emotions and perspectives you might need to go at it several times to really make it shift. Just remember that the only thing that makes this not shift is your determination that you think that you are seeing the right thing.


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