The first time can be scary, your stomach can turn, here is my first experience of doing a skydive! You will not regret it.

What happens when you Skydive for the first time

The first time you go for a Skydive, chances are that you got it as a birthday present. That’s what happened to me! I had no intentions of ever doing a Skydive, but when your girlfriend wakes you up at 6am in the morning because she has a birthday surprise, there is some expectations that goes along with that.

Here is some things to know about your first Skydive

  • Be prepared to wait. Pack food and lots of patience. You are waiting for the right weather conditions. Sunny or light cloudy, and not too windy and no rain.
  • Remember to breathe. When and if you get nervous, the most important is to breathe. This is one of the important things you have to do when you also jump off the edge.
  • Enjoy the experience. Skydiving is an incredible energy rush. Enjoy the pleasure of feeling the wind and freedom of being completely free, it is an incredible feeling!

My experience

I went through some nervousness before jumping every time I thought about what I was about to do, this is normal. Just remember to breathe through it. Your body will give you these sensations because you are doing something that are outside of what it’s used to do. Your body is used to be safe, and keep in control. This feels like you are bypassing some of your body’s natural instincts. What I did was that I talked to myself to calm myself down, telling my body basically that this is safe, I’m strapped to a guy that has many years of experience, so it will be fine. I also talked to all my spirit guides to protect me 🙂


Ken is inspiring people everywhere he goes. He is very good at facilitating group work and healing sessions. Getting clear guidance and directions from his guides and teachers. He is working with authentic spiritual channelers to bring new revolutionary modalities to the planet.

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