Why you should read A Course in Miracles, in this video I give my first video about why I think this is an interesting book to read and why I think it´s much more than a book. I feel like I´m coming out of some sort of closet, I haven´t mentioned to many people that I am studying this book, and I know there are many opinions about it. I just always like to follow what I am guided to do and be open to experience and think for myself, and I guess I have really grown to like this book, and I like it more and more the more I read it.

Kenneth Berentzen

Kenneth Berentzen, has been reasearching many different spiritual modalities with a deep yearning to understand how to shift any situation for the better and live a life of great fullfillment. On this website you will find tools and tips how you can do the same.

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  • Great job on the video. I so fully agree with what you said regarding the ability to read just one sentence and simultaneously lose yourself within it and gain profound insight. Never thought about in those words but definitely relate completely.

  • This is so true Kenneth Berentzen. On my second read, I recognise sentences I read before but now they mean so much more. It’s great validation that my mind is changing. Thank you Jesus!

  • Interesting… I’m pretty much in the same place where you are, disregarded the ACIM for a while because I was not ready. Having been reading it for a while now.. it is absolutely mind blowing and life turning.
    Thanks for your video 🙏🏼

  • Just want everyone to know that we are all in the same boat. When we begin the Course it’s no, not for me, too Christian. Ya know. then we realize – I’m not happy at all if I’m honest, I really don’t know what I’m doing. then we go to… shit, my mind is crazy, I’m really angry, then we feel fear and confusion and if we are lucky we keep with the lessons and come to understand our crazy minds are the problem – not everyone else. oh no1 AND THEN WE REALLY REALIZE THAT THINGS ARE NOT RIGHT INSIDE AND OH BOY.. LOTS OF WORK TO DO. then we get calmer and understand that its a life’s work and that probably, I’ll never get it done and then we begin to relax and only have occasional freak out. It’s ok and we will be alright… peace….

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